COED 11v11 - Sunday Night FALL 2019 SUNDAY COED


The team fee includes the cost of the captain.

Each team must be represented at each Association general meeting. Teams not present must pay a fine to HWSA before they may vote again. Fine assigned will be a determined by fiscal playing year (Sept-Aug) and consecutive offenses. 1st offense - $10, 2nd offense - $30, 3rd offense - $60.
a. Spring League Meeting- April 3rd
b. Summer League Meeting- Aug 7th
c. Fall League Meeting- Dec 4th

Individual Registration fee does not cover the total cost to play. Your team captain will likely have additional fees for any of the following:
- Referee fees
- Jerseys
- Practice fields to use outside of league play

Sept. 8, 2019 - Nov. 25, 2019
8 games of 2X40
Albion Campbell 1 , Bear Creek 10 , Bear Creek 4 , Eldridge Park 8 , Eldridge Park 9 , Houston Sports Park 1 (TURF)
Dee Hernandez –

Registration Closed

Registration closed 11/15/2019 midnight