COED 11v11 - Monday Night FALL 2023 MONDAY COED

Something to look forward to on Mondays!


The team fee includes the cost of the captain.
Team fee is NOT refundable.

Each team must be represented at each Association general meeting. Teams not present must pay a fine to HWSA before they may vote again. Fine assigned will be a determined by fiscal playing year (Sept-Aug) and consecutive offenses. 1st offense - $10, 2nd offense - $30, 3rd offense - $60.
a. Spring League Meeting- 1st Wednesday in April
b. Summer League Meeting- 1st Wednesday in Aug
c. Fall League Meeting- 1st Wednesday in Dec

Individual Registration fee does not cover the total cost to play.
Your team captain will likely have additional fees for any of the following:
- Referee fees
- Jerseys
- Practice fields to use outside of league play

Sept. 11, 2023 - Dec. 5, 2023
8 games of 2X40
Houston Sports Park 1 (TURF)